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Water Plants and the Nitrogen Cycle

Water Plants and the Nitrogen Cycle Why do my fish get sick and die?   Your koi pond (or any recirculating water environment) is a closed system; water stays there.  Fish constantly feed and emit waste products in the form of ammonia nitrogen, or NH4.  This makes the water progressively unfit for fish health. The Nitrogen Cycle  The biological event that cleans up the waste is called The Nitrogen Cycle.  Beneficial bacteria in your pond constantly convert NH4 (ammonia, toxic) to […]

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Aquatic plants

  Our ponds provide the perfect growing environment for aquatic plants.  Fish waste is broken down by pond microorganisms into nitrates, the key ingredient in plant fertilizer.  A fish pond without plants will, by default, grow noxious filamentous algae. This is a fish farmer’s worse nightmare because it makes it impossible to net a pond. We grow water hyacinths, sacred lotus, bog plants and a dozen varieties of water lilies. The harvest is from March until July, and the plants […]

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