Chicken tractor from recycled materials

A chicken tractor is a great solution for mobile and secure housing.  It is called a chicken tractor because the birds are constantly pecking and scratching the soil. Soon, the area covered by the run is devoid of vegetation and bugs.



We resurrected an old abandoned farm trailer. We had to repack the bearings to get the trailer to even move.


chicken tractor

We welded together a metal frame to which we secured reclaimed barn wood.


Chicken tractor

Corrugated roofing from a demolished building was cut to fit the roof.



Chickens exit the tractor via a sliding trap door. There is a service door on the other side to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Nesting boxes and a roost were placed inside. The chicken run was built out of EMT conduit and chicken wire for lightness. The run is hinged so it can flip up to facilitate transport.




Our chickens love their new home!





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