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Tiny House on the Fish Farm

April 6, 2017 Interior walls going up   April 5, 2017 Siding and House Wrap   April 4, 2017 Roof up     April 1, 2017 Insulated subfloor (video)       March 30, 2017 Ready for subfloor   March 24, 2017 Trusses up       March 17, 2017 Studs up     March 15, 2017 Steel frame      


What’s it like to grow up on a farm?

  Today’s guest blogger is our son, Jeremy. “What’s it like to grow up on a farm?” Only a few years ago, I might have answered that farm life was at best bearable and at worst downright misery. But if you were to ask me this question today? I would say – without hesitation or equivocation – that growing up on a farm was by far the best thing that could have ever happened to me, an upbringing I wouldn’t […]

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Farmer John answers your questions

Farmer John answers your questions about farm animals at J and J Fish Farm Stay. GOATS What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is probably our goats because their personality is similar to a Golden Retriever.  I also like our Livestock Guardian Dogs because they are friendly like a dog but also do a lot of work on the farm. Why did you make a floating goat house? Goats are vulnerable to predators like coyotes, racoons, bobcats and dogs.  […]

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Barbados Blackbelly sheep

These cute little guys are Barbados Blackbelly sheep. They are “hair sheep,” meaning they grow coarse hair instead of wool so there is no need to shear them.   They are parasite tolerant and disease resistant, making them a favorite of homesteaders:   “These exotic-looking sheep are a perfect choice as a homesteader’s sheep because they do relatively well on poorer forage, can be raised with very little grain, and do not require intensive management.” –Wikipedia    

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Aquaponics in schools

  Interest in aquaponics is at an all time high.  It has captured the imaginations of people who want to grow their own food in a limited space.  Fish and plants grow in the same water without the use of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Sanger High School’s Agriculture Department requested our assistance in the design and construction of an aquaponic teaching lab.  The goal was to make a full-proof system that would suit the budget of the average homeowner.  The […]

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Feeding the ducks

Janet, trying to entice the ducks to climb up the ramp.