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Sanger, California: A throwback to a time past


Scenes from Sanger calendar by Kathleen Mattox

J and J Aquafarms is surrounded by pastures, ponds and wildlife. However, even though your nearest human neighbors are half a mile away, you are within three miles of shops and restaurants located in the town of Sanger.

A quaint town of 25,000 nestled in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, Sanger is literally that place where you can’t walk down Main Street without bumping into somebody you know. Within Sanger you can find modern grocery stores and stores next to family restaurants and shops that have been in business for the greater part of the past century.


The San Joaquin Valley is known as “the food basket of the world” because of the vital role it plays in America’s national agricultural production. “More than half the fruits, nuts, and vegetables grown in the US are grown in  California” (Committee on Natural Resources).


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