Working Yourself Out of a Job ~ Zambia, 2014

Violating the law of human nature is the concept of making yourself obsolete. It is a concept because, in much of the development world, it remains only a lofty ideal. In the corporate world, forget about it.

This remains the challenge to the Peace Corps, and it is doing a fair job at it. I see current PCVs steeped in the mantra of sustainability, resisting the urge to throw money at a problem. I know how hard this is, because I did throw money at problems.

Like Jean-Luc Picard and his Prime Directive, PCVs wield sobering amounts of influence; this being as much in the ommission as in thecommission.

They say that the worst sin is not vice;  it is pride. What twenty-something American could consciously turn down a chance to leave a teak-engraved,  metal-roofed, monument with his name on it?

That would be the Peace Corps Volunteer.


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