Vertical Aquaponics




The beauty of aquaponics is that you engineer it so it can fit into almost any space you have. If you have limited floor space, perhaps Vertical Aquaponics is for you.

The advantage of Vertical Aquaponics is the unmatched number of plants per square foot of space, because the plants grow on vertical towers.

  • You also cannot beat the visual appeal of Vertical Aquaponics. Where else can you check your whole crop from the comfort of your easy chair?
  • Smaller vertical systems are easy to transport, making them the right choice for a portable, turn-key aquaponic solution.


The major disadvantages of Vertical Aquaponics are:

  • Higher pumping height requires more electricity.
  • Water running in several vertical towers will heat/cool the water faster than other aquaponic systems.
  • A pump or power failure will lead to quicker dessication of your plants.


Some applications perfect for Vertical Aquaponics are:

  • Smaller backyards, balconies, rooftops
  • The north (inside) wall of your greenhouse
  • Greenhouses in general, because the cost of greenhouse space
  • Any place where you want a small footprint and visual appeal




This small system has a 5’x3’ footprint and doubles as an outdoor bench. Repurposed materials make up over 80% of the total, and the cost is well under $200. The governing principles of this design are appropriate technology, upcycling, and affordability.

The beauty of this design is its adaptability to diverse landscaping. Creative use of metals, hardwoods, and ceramics will make it complement any living space.



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