Is the Peace Corps Still Valid?

A US general was touring a corner of Afghanistan recently cleared of the Taliban. He was accompanied by a contingent of flak-jacketed troops with weapons at the ready. Coming upon a remote village, he was surprised to find the smiling and waving inhabitants lining the dusty road. After some trouble finding the leader of the village, he curiously inquired about the unexpected reception. The village headman just said “Where is Rick?” The general was taken aback at the request and asked “Who is Rick?”

The headman said “When we heard the Americans were coming, we knew Rick had finally come back. You see, thirty years ago, an American named Rick came to our village and helped us build an irrigation system that is still in use today. He was an American Peace Corps volunteer.”

True story (paraphrased) told to Peace Corps director Carrie Hessler-Radelet by that US General.



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