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Tiny House on the Fish Farm

April 6, 2017 Interior walls going up   April 5, 2017 Siding and House Wrap   April 4, 2017 Roof up     April 1, 2017 Insulated subfloor (video)       March 30, 2017 Ready for subfloor   March 24, 2017 Trusses up       March 17, 2017 Studs up     March 15, 2017 Steel frame      


Catfish Eggs

Here’s a short video of John and our fish hatchery  

Building the “perfect” greenhouse using recycled materials

      I have been gathering data and resources for making the “perfect” greenhouse for California’s Central Valley. This has been a process that has taken longer than I would like to admit, but consider the constraints:   *       ¾ of the year it must not be warmer than ambient temperature (>100ºF) *       Much of that ¾ is unrelenting, dry solar radiation *       ¼  of the year it must collect as much heat as possible (<45ºF) […]

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Is the Peace Corps Worth It? (Fishing in Zambia)

At some point during their service, nearly every Peace Corps volunteer reflects back on the past month or year or two years and asks themselves the million-dollar question (er, well, in my case, the $280/month question): Is it worth it? Is the Peace Corps worth it for our host countries? Does the work we do really make a difference? Is bringing Americans to live in underdeveloped communities worth constantly provoking the jarring contrast between privilege and struggle? Is it worth […]

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Barn Owls and Agriculture

Hope to build a couple of barn owl boxes this year.   “Today farmers are finding that the barn owl’s cry is the sound of death to rodents. Barn owls are helping to win the war against rodents in the fields. Barn owls and their descendents have been around for the last 26 million years and their importance to agriculture in California is just coming to the forefront. One barn owl will eat on the average of 155 gophers per […]

Vertical Aquaponics

    The beauty of aquaponics is that you engineer it so it can fit into almost any space you have. If you have limited floor space, perhaps Vertical Aquaponics is for you. The advantage of Vertical Aquaponics is the unmatched number of plants per square foot of space, because the plants grow on vertical towers. You also cannot beat the visual appeal of Vertical Aquaponics. Where else can you check your whole crop from the comfort of your easy […]

“Some Thoughts on the Real World….” Bill Watterson’s Kenyon Commencement Speech

People often ask about our unusual lifestyle….owning a fish farm but also tinkering in other endeavors like aquaponics, permaculture, and hosting guests from all over the world.  We have never defined our outlook on life and career, but this speech from Bill Watterson comes close. Below are excerpts from his speech…. SOME THOUGHTS ON THE REAL WORLD BY ONE WHO GLIMPSED IT AND FLED Bill Watterson Kenyon College Commencement May 20, 1990  You will find your own ethical dilemmas in […]

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Word to your mother (Fishing in Zambia)

I asked my parents to provide me with some blog post material reflections on their trip to Zambia last month and was intrigued, amused, and sometimes touched by their perspectives. Here’s what they had to say: — What was your favorite part of your visit to Zambia? Dad: My favorite part was the village interactions with the kids and Matt’s close friends like Sebastian. These are the things he will remember and cherish always. I was impressed at how refreshing was the curiosity […]

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Visiting a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia – picture book

Children’s picture book of our visit to Zambia                                                                            

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Casper the friendly goat with her three kids.  They are about four hours old in this picture.   Here she is on the 4th of July.  She was huge!