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Photo courtesy of Brenda Ou

Photo courtesy of Brenda Ou


“From what I have seen in the world, there is little choice but to live simply, give generously, and grow your own food.” ~ John


Little House on the Fish Farm, located on J and J Aquafarms, is a unique opportunity to observe a working fish farm.  Our farm embraces appropriate technology and integrated agriculture.  This symbiotic relationship enables our cattle, goats, chickens, and fish to live harmoniously with orchards and vineyards.

J and J Aquafarms has been raising fish in California’s San Joaquin Valley for nearly 30 years. Currently we have over 50 acres of fish ponds, livestock, and vineyards grown in an integrated manner. Over the years we have implemented appropriate technologies that have reduced our dependence on fossil fuels while maintaining our production standards.

We strive to actively engage our community by hiring local youth and offering educational activities to nearby schools. J and J Aquafarms has hosted field trips and farm tours from various local schools and organizations, and in addition to helping develop the aquaponics teaching lab at Sanger High School, John is the co-organizer and a charter member of the Fresno Aquaponics Group.


John and Janet


Meet John

Fish has been a common thread throughout John’s life.  An avid fisherman in his youth, John studied fisheries biology at the University of California, Davis. Upon graduation John served in the Peace Corps, assisting in the development of marine fisheries in Papua New Guinea.

Meet Janet

A farmer’s daughter, Janet grew up eating, local, sustainable and free-range long before it was fashionable or appreciated.  Her father raised fruit, vegetables and a few cows in California’s fertile Central Valley, one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world.


After John returned from the Peace Corps, John and Janet settled in the San Francisco Bay Area but continued to long for a more simple, self-sufficient lifestyle. In 1985, they moved to Sanger, California and broke ground on their first fish pond.


John and Janet
Sanger, California


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